Well if he can blog, have a TV show and be on Vanity Fair…then so can I!!

Cute Knut has teething pains (& a blog)

Baby Knut has teething pains. (Berlin Zoo Photo Archive, AFP)

Berlin – The Berlin Zoo’s celebrity polar bear cub Knut, whose every twitch has been reported by a fawning media, is going back before his fans after taking a one-day break to recover from teething pains. Knut was given a respite on Monday from his twice-daily one-hour appearances before thousands of visitors after he received medication to help with a painful canine tooth coming in. On Tuesday, his recovery seemed full enough to allow the 4-month old cub’s show to go on, zoo veterinarian Andre Schuele said. "Knut’s doing better," Schuele said. "He’s mobile and frisky." Born at the zoo on December 5, Knut was rejected by his mother and hand-raised by zookeepers. He is now nearly 15 kilograms. So great is his appeal that zoo attendance has roughly doubled to a daily average of 15 000 since his debut, officials said. He has his own blog and TV show and appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair. Well I’ll be damned… it’s all in setting intent! LOL 🙂

Source: News24.com

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