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A new way of buying & selling property in South Africa.

DID YOU KNOW? The Private Property website is the busiest property website and biggest private sale web portal in South Africa. It is ranked in the top 10 busiest websites in the country. It just shows you that South Africans are sick and tired of the way property selling is conducted here. This will definately set a new trend in the way property sellers and buyers want to do things.

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South Africa’s Best Inventions

Zenkaya Prefab living spaces www.zenkaya.com
Self-sufficient energy products Invented by Freeplay Energy
The Waterless Toilet Invented by Cecil Harris www.zerho.co.za
Dolos Breakwater device, invented by Eric Merrifield
Kreepy Krauly, Aquanaut, Baracuda, Pool Ranger All originated in South Africa
Tellurometer Distance measuring device invented by Trevor Wadley
Pratley’s Putty The only South African invention to go to the moon, invented by Mr KGM Pratley
Lunar Stick Oldest mathematical artifact in the world (3 500 years old) found in Zululand
Scheffel Bogey Train carriage wheel assembly
Appletizer Pure fruit juice recipe now copied throughout the world
Computicket First computerised ticketing system in the world
Vibol Fuel-saving Exhaust System Used throughout the world
Jet fuel and oil from coal Invented by Sasol
The Third Umpire Introduced by the United Cricket Board
Hippo Water Roller Invented by Pettie Petzer and Johan Jonker
Saswitch ATM Access Saswitch ATM Acces
source: The SAGoodnews

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